Upcoming Events - 2019

2019 Schedule for Eva Gray Tent 2

Jan/Feb No meetings


Tuesday, March 12 - Meet at GRHV Conference Room 

at 1:15 PM 

Planning meeting

Program Claudia Wocjiakowski

Refreshments - Claudia W. and Nancy Starr


Tuesday, April 9 Regular meeting at GRHV Conference Room at 1:15 PM

Sign up for Department Convention


Tuesday, May 14 Meet at the home of Norma Overton 

at 1:30 PM

Program: Bethany Hoover

Refreshments Bethany


Friday-Saturday, May 17-18 Department Convention

Holiday Inn Express

1099 West M-43 Highway

Hastings, MI


Tuesday, May 21 - 12:00 noon Plant at Oakhill Cemetery

Bring a sack lunch and your beverage. 

Planting at A B. Watson urn, Eva Gray gravesite, and Custer urn.

Thursday, May 23 - Rain date - 12:00 noon with sack lunch.


Tuesday, June 11 - 11:30 AM Meet at Russ' Restaurant 

3531 Alpine Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI

Sign up for watering at Oakhill Cemetery

Present ideas for summer road trips


July - Annual Road Trip 

    Date and destination TBD


Tuesday, July 23 - National Convention Pre-Convention Tour - Andersonville National Historic Site


Wednesday-Sunday, July 24-28 National  DUVCW Convention

Westin/Marriot Atlanta Airport Hotel, Atlanta, GA


August Road Trip

    Date and Destination TBD


Tuesday, September 10 - Meet at GRHV Conference Room at 1:15 PM 

Program Norma Overton


Tuesday, October 8 - Meet at GRHV Conference Room 

at 1:15 PM

Program Wenda Fore

Refreshments Wenda Fore and Norma Overton


October ___   District Meeting hosted by Tent 58. 

More information forthcoming...


Tuesday, November 12 - Meet at GRHV Conference Room at 1:15 PM 

Pick up stars for the Veterans Christmas Gifts

Plan December Christmas Potluck

First Nomination of Officers


Tuesday, December 10 - Christmas Potluck/Meeting at 12:00 noon at Norma Overton's house

Second nomination of officers/Election of officers for 2020

Turn in star gifts for the veterans to Patty Galloway